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commitment to service excellence.

Presentations that Energize
Crowds and Ignite Enthusiasm

Get a taste of Ron’s style. Click “play” on the video below to see how audiences react to Ron’s teaching.

“I loved him. This was the best session the whole week. This
made coming worth it, even if I didn’t do another thing.”

“A number of people came up to me and said “That is the best
presentation I have ever experienced.” I got text messages
saying “Thank you so much for arranging this for us.””

"He had everyone standing up, clapping..."

Ron’s presentation was exceptionally well received. The content was powerful and meaningful and was delivered with such energy and enthusiasm that everybody wanted to hear more.

He tailored his presentation to our industry and context and really understood what our company’s needs are. He took time to learn as much as possible about our brands, our strategy, and our objectives. He had everybody standing up clapping which has never happened before.

Tea Colaianni, Director, Watches of Switzerland

Award-Winning Presentations
from the #1 Customer Service
Guru in the World

Generate excitement and enthusiasm for service excellence with keynotes speeches, interactive workshops, and training presentations delivered by Ron.

Ron is an energetic speaker who makes Uplifting Service meaningful to his audiences. Attendees come away with deeper understanding of service excellence and a new dedication to serving better on every level – in business, in their personal lives, and in their communities.

Content is fully customized to your industry and business goals, so that it is relevant and impactful for your audience.

Ron prepared thoroughly to understand our business model, culture and terminology
as well as our COO service project’s progress to date, and hence tailor the workshop
accordingly. He educated our workshop participants in concepts which they could
apply when back in the office “Monday morning”, and contributed directly to
post-workshop follow-up activities with their teams.
Andreas Zingg, Chief Operating Officer Asia, Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

All keynotes and presentations can be delivered live or virtually, from Ron’s sophisticated broadcast studio. The studio
is equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment, professional sets, lighting, and backgrounds, hard-wired fiberoptic internet, and multiple internet and computer backups. Video and sound quality are crystal clear, and the backup systems ensure that there will be no interruptions to your program.

Energize and Inspire Any Team or Audience

Spark a renewed commitment to service excellence.
Align your leadership team around a common service vision.
Motivate your staff to deliver on-the-spot service daily.

Presentations that Make an Impact

Ron offers keynotes to educate and inspire leaders, managers, and team members throughout the organization.

Topics and themes include:

Keynote Speeches

Ron is an inspiring keynote speaker who raises the energy and enthusiasm in any room. Ron’s keynotes share a new perspective on service, provide a grounding in the Uplifting Service philosophy, and generate excitement about and commitment to service excellence.

The week following the conference we’re still receiving kudos for sponsoring such a dynamic and informative speaker. We would highly recommend Ron as a “must have” speaker for organizations wanting to take their service to the top level!

Tim Bell, President Strategic Initiatives, People 2.0 Global, LLC

Live or Pre-Recorded Training Presentations

Ron’s training presentations are an ideal way to introduce the Uplifting Service methodology to your organization. Employees and leadership teams discover the power of service excellence to lift the whole organization, learn the mindsets and perspectives necessary to succeed with service, and receive practical ideas they can apply immediately within their own teams.
Ron Kaufman created a fantastic day at our top leader development programme. Highly engaging, full of energy and inspiration. His ability to relate his ideas and strong framework for creating service culture to our journey was outstanding.
Christian Lauritzen, Head of Group People & Organisational Development, ISS A/S

Training Programs

Dive deeper into the Uplifting Service methodology with a training series customized for your industry and goals. Your team will discover how to apply Uplifting Service principles within your organization, how to develop a culture of service excellence, and how to transform your service delivery from basic to unbelievable.
It was incredible that one person could hold the attention of a few hundred people for
the entire day, and leave us all inspired on what we can do with better service. He is the most energizing speaker I’ve met, with sprinkles of appropriate humor.
Charmaine Wong, Senior Marketing Director, Yum Restaurants Asia

What Audiences Have to Say About Ron’s Presentations

Resources for Event and Meeting Planners

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Welcome to the Worldwide Uplifting Community!

Here’s what’s next…

Check your email for the welcome we just sent – and reply to let us know you received it!

We’ve included some useful resources 
for you to explore…

…and we’ll be in touch to share more ideas 
and invitations for you.