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5 Best Practices for Creating Uplifting Customer Experiences

Your customers have always been your focus. This is true whether you serve clients, colleagues, patients, visitors, or guests. You create processes to make their …

Keep Your Audience Captivated: How to Choose the Right Customer Service Keynote Speaker For Your Event

We’ve all suffered through bad speeches and disappointing conventions. Dull keynotes, irrelevant presentations, overly simplistic seminars, and lengthy virtual events that drain our energy and …

Ron Kaufman, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Interview

We grabbed the chance to catch up with Ron Kaufman, world’s leading educator and motivator, author of the book, Uplifting Service, and fourteen other books on service, business, and inspiration, about Organizational Culture and best practices. Ron is a man on a mission – to uplift the quality and spirit of service everywhere in the world –including with us here today.

Harvard Business Review on Transforming Customer Service

The team at Uplifting Service have been working with our clients and Professor Jochen Wirtz for many years and are happy to report that the April issue of Harvard Business Review picked up our ideas and published a short piece in the Idea Watch section. In this post, we add insights for service leaders and practitioners who would like to know more.

Uplifting Customer Service: A Job from the Inside Out

The immediate assumption when we talk about “improving customer service” is that we refer to the activities of customer-facing team members who directly “serve” our external customers, clients, buyers, suppliers, guests, users, attendees, diners, students, patients, etc.

And in fairness, most service education is indeed intended for those who “face” customers – improving the quality of service for those who pay for our services.

But seeing service improvement as mostly a frontline, customer-facing issue will not foster the development of an uplifting service culture where all employees embrace the goal of constantly adding value for others.

Creating Customer Journey Maps that Work

Many organizations are using customer journey mapping to understand and improve the experience of their customers. But the variety of terms used to describe journey maps can be confusing. And that makes the mapping process itself confusing, too.

Building a Service Culture: Interview with Ron Kaufman

Building a Service Culture, an interview with Ron Kaufman
This interview was first posted by our friends at the keynote speaker agency www.Speaking.com

How to Attract and Recruit the Right Service Talent

There is a time-tested maxim: what you think about expands in life, and what you focus on becomes clearer. What you see and say repeatedly will shape the way you live today and who you will become tomorrow.

Revolutionizing Service Culture in the Healthcare Industry

Why a Paradigm Shift is Needed and How to Get One Started

What’s happening in the industry?

How to Create Highly Effective Service Standards

Setting service standards is an approach commonly used to create consistent levels of service performance and enhance customer experience.  Yet this practice is often disappointing, …

“The Seven Rules of Service Leadership” – Live Workshop Keynote

In my experience working with leaders of many of the world’s outstanding service organizations, I have discovered seven essential rules these leaders always follow. Some leverage the power of one rule more than another, and you may do the same. But each of these rules is essential to lead your team to success.

Recent Blog Posts

Build a Superior Service Culture

The problem with Customer Service Training
Many organizations spend heavily on service training and wonder months later why no substantial improvement has been achieved.

Service Leaders Shape the Flow

Every culture shares a common language, a set of practices, traditions, stories, strategies and standards. These common elements influence and shape human behavior. They keep us in the flow of a discourse that already exists.

We are all born into cultures. We are educated in cultures. Our sports and religions and music are all examples of long standing cultures.

A Common Service Language – Essential But Uncommon

A common language enables effective coordination of action. Software developers use common terms, like bug reports and freezing code. When new software comes out, they …

“Sorry” is a start. But Toyota needs a higher gear to achieve service recovery

Regardless of whether Toyota was slow, ignorant or delusionary to the faults in its vehicles, one thing it has finally done is to say “We are sorry”.

Much criticism of the company is anchored in the belief that Toyota was slow and unwilling to take responsibility for evident technical problems. The time it took for Toyota to ‘come clean’ is, itself, a source of anger.

Eight ways to get close to your customers (and learn how to improve the customer service experience you provide)

Want to add more value to your customers? Be sure you know what to add!

Here are eight proven ways to get close to your customers and find out what they value, what they care about, what they really want.

How Does Singapore Airlines Fly So High?

Profitable every year since the beginning, Singapore
Airlines (SIA) frequently wins international awards for
top customer service and in-flight quality. Here’s how they do it.

Customer Experience 1.0 to 6.0. Where are you today?

Improving Customer Experience (CEX) is vital for success. While the term is common, maturity in this area is not.

We classify an organization’s attitude and actions from Version 1.0 to 6.0. Where are you and your organization today?

One bad Apple threatens the cart!

The internet is awash with reports of problems with the iPhone 4, the most common being a design flaw with the antenna that leads to dropped calls.

Problems with new products are not unexpected. In fact, many early adopters of technology will tell you they expect problems.

Customer Focused Surveys: Six ideas to gain success, eliminate waste and increase customer value (Part One)

Customer focused surveys and other feedback mechanisms are commonly used to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty. In some companies, however, surveys can become entrenched and self-sustaining, generating mountains of data without a corresponding volume of valuable actions…

Marketing What Matters in Service

The issue is not whether excellent customer service is good marketing, or if marketing should be approached as a form of service. The more important question is whether we are marketing the right message about “service”.

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Welcome to the Worldwide Uplifting Community!

Here’s what’s next…

Check your email for the welcome we just sent – and reply to let us know you received it!

We’ve included some useful resources 
for you to explore…

…and we’ll be in touch to share more ideas 
and invitations for you.