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The ultimate value dimension

What are the seven characteristics of one-to-one service that matches every customer value dimension? Learn how to give each customer what they want, exactly when and how they want it.

Why Leadership is Critical to Building an Uplifting Service Culture

Many CEOs and senior leaders have risen to the top as experts in their industries or as specialists in technical competencies – not as experts in building a strong and sustaining service culture. This often results in initiatives to improve service being considered a frontline or a human resources issue. This is a fundamental mistake.

Building a service culture needs great service leaders and leadership teams. The power of senior leadership to set the vision, focus the entire organization, reward success and remove roadblocks, and role model correct behavior cannot be delegated to others.

Leaders and leadership teams must embrace four key roles to ensure a service culture building effort does not fail.

Benchmarking Inside and Out

Benchmarking means comparing yourself with – and learning from – the very best in any field or endeavor. We recommend you benchmark service leaders from your own industry and other industries as well.

What do you want to do better? What do they do exceptionally well? What best practices have they adopted? How are they changing and preparing for the future to maintain their leadership positions?

2011: A Year of Uplifting Service

As we leave 2010 behind and move into a new year shining with promise, I ponder how to make this the best year yet. I believe the key is an unwavering dedication to uplifting service toward others: in relationships, in family, in business, and in the world.

Many sages have shared profound quotes and insights about the purpose and power of service. Some say it is the foundation for a good life. Others call it the rent you must pay for your space upon the Earth. I say that uplifting service is the reason we are here.

Amazon does not ‘deliver customer service’, they build powerful partnerships.

Amazon’s customer service has always been recognized and applauded as world-class. This is remarkable, especially since it is a purely online retailer. Amazon has hardly any ‘human’ interactions – often considered crucial perception points for increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty – in the value delivery chain.

Many companies try to emulate Amazon and cost-effectively provide higher levels of service through leveraging technology. But Amazon does not only ‘deliver customer service’ – they build powerful partnerships with their customers.

A timely lesson from Southwest Airlines. Do your employees see “The BIG Picture”, too?

The best service isn’t necessarily about getting a plane to depart on time or sticking to policy. In fact, it can mean making a decision to put one customer above others.

The pilot held back a plane with hundreds of passengers for twelve minutes – so that one passenger could make the flight. As Christopher Elliot, the consumer advocate and journalist who first broke this story wrote: “Twelve minutes may not sound like a lot to you or me, but every second counts when you’re an airline. Southwest can turn an entire plane around in about 20 minutes, so 12 minutes is half an eternity.”

In this instance, the pilot put one category – service mindset – above others in the four categories of value in “The BIG Picture”

How Singapore is Meeting a National Service Challenge

Singapore is a unique and extraordinary island. The country has no natural resources other than its people and location. It takes less than an hour to drive from one coast to the other yet this tiny city-state is home to the world’s most awarded airline, top rated airport and is consistently ranked among the best places in the world to live and do business.

Think you know your customers? Think again!

Do you really know your customers well enough to stand apart from your competition? Do you want to?

Many people say they know who their customers are. But an alarming number, especially in the B2B world, have only a shallow clue.

Ask yourself these questions, and then think again:

Make the Shift from ‘Me’ To ‘We’

The most listened-to radio station in the world is WIIFM, which stands for “What’s in it for me?” Some people throw this question like a trump card: answer with enough for me and you win my cooperation, but if I find your answer insufficient I may ignore you and your request completely.

I’m tired of this question being used so often and with such depressing power. Here’s why…

What is the Dollar Value of an Uplifting Service Culture?

How much is an Uplifting Service Culture worth to you?

Many people think quantifying excellence in service is an exercise in “fuzzy math”. Do you think so, too? Can you put a hard dollar value on consistently delivering uplifting and outstanding service? Do you know how much money is left behind when your service doesn’t measure up?

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Welcome to the Worldwide Uplifting Community!

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Check your email for the welcome we just sent – and reply to let us know you received it!

We’ve included some useful resources 
for you to explore…

…and we’ll be in touch to share more ideas 
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